Supply Chain & Logistics Management 2017-05-25T20:21:47+00:00

Our services


  • Support sales targets while avoiding overages or shortages in supply
  • Help your business product diversification and new launches campaigns

  • Costs reduction support in supply chain processes

  • Customer complaints management and avoiding the supply chain operational issues at minimal level


  • Cost reduction within logistic processes by optimisation of distribution routes

  • Support for reduction of financial risks related with demand fluctuations

  • Dynamic adaptation of supply chain processes in case of location changing

  • Transparent distribution flow across the supply chain, enabling strategic decisions

Suppliers Management

  • Suppliers auditing and pre-evaluation

  • Selection of required suppliers from our global network

  • Relationship Management

  • Continuous Performance Evaluation of the selected suppliers

Data Management and Analytical Support

  • Data Management & Business Opportunities

  • Purchasing Data Analysis

  • Marketing Data Analysis

  • Supply and Demand Data Analysis

Warehousing Solutions

  • Food safety focus

  • In Store-Storage Expertise

  • Sustainable environmental excellence

  • Operational efficiencies


  • Operational demand and supply analysis planification

  • Recommendation for Safe Transportation Systems

  • Routes planning and delay avoidance

  • Optimal network designing and planning

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