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Others Packaging Products

  1. Other non food

    Our product offerings also include packaging solutions for:

    1. Automotive and Industrial
    2. Agrochemical and Seeds
    3. Gift Wraps
  2. Promotional & Security

    We offer the following Promotions & Security solutions:

    1. Premiums
    2. POS (Point of sale) Banners
    3. Holograms
    4. Promotions on packs with unique codes
  3. Specialised pouches

      1. Shaped Pouches

    We offer shaped stand-up pouches which provide an outstanding retail prominence, and an effective packaging solution to convey Brand image in addition to good functionality & convenience.

      1. Zipper Pouches

    We provide stand up pouches with zipper which offer good shelf presence & convenience with respect to ease of usage. We have successfully supplied stand up pouches for packing extremely
    aggressive crop care products, hot chicken, pet food etc. in complex laminate structures with zipper / slider zippers.

      1. Block Bottom Pouches

    We provide block bottom pouches with premium effects and excellent shelf stability for products like tea, coffee, sugar and almost all dry products.

      1. Spouted Pouches

    A major source reduction option compared to the rigid containers, spouted pouches offer easy dispensing for liquid products.
    We offer “leak free” spouted pouches for diverse products such as Lube oil, Hair Pack, Hand Wash Soap, Vodka.

  4. Thermoforms

    We offer thermoformable solutions with eye catching aesthetics, good functionality
    and convenience for following applications:

    1. Sauces & ketchups
    2. Chocolates
    3. Biscuits & Snacks
    4. Personal care products like creams, oil & lotions
    5. Home care products like detergents, cleaners
    6. Monodose medicinal products
    7. Liquor & cocktails
  5. Value added cartons

    We offer different types of cartons like:

    1. Mono cartons for Foods like butter, cheese & for auto industry for spare parts
    2. Liner Cartons for Spices, Tea,Dairy, agro products etc
    3. Canister Packs for Incent sticks & confectionery, bakery products, lifestyle products
    4. Metallic cartons for premium aesthetics & gift packs
    5. Holographic cartons for security , festive packs
    6. Display cum dispenser cartons for modern trade

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