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Beverages Packaging Products

  1. Powdered beverages & Nutrition drinks

    1. Primary packaging Laminates for powdered juices, protein powders
    2. High Barrier laminates with Alu foil & metalized films for juices and nutritional drinks
    3. Laminates for stick packs, sachets & pouches
    4. Shaped Pouches for drinks
    5. Stand Up Pouches with closures like zippers and spouts
    6. Pressure Sensitive Labels with premium effects for bottles
    7. Shrink Sleeves for bottles
    8. Wads in bottles for powdered nutritional products
  2. Liquor & Cocktails

    1. Primary packaging laminates
    2. Single serve sachets
    3. Pocket Shot Pouches
    4. Thermoformable single serve packs
    5. Premium Shrink Sleeves for bottles
    6. Wet Strength Labels for beer bottles
    7. Metalised paper labels
    8. Specialized Cartons as secondary pack with premium effects
  3. Coffee

    1. Inner & outer wrapper
    2. Reclosable pouch
    3. Valve films
    4. Head labels
    5. Cyclero
  4. Tea

    1. Hot- & coldseal envelopes
    2. Crimped paper envelopes
    3. Plain film laminates
    4. Tea tags
  5. Juices & non alcoholic drinks

    1. Stand-up pouches
    2. Laminates

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