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Developing successful packaging is a really challenging work. Each detail have to be just right, and all the details must have to work together: plus, there’s constant pressure to innovate. ViperPack’s experience in concept development helps us learn your customers’ needs and demands, turning insights into packaging that makes a strong first impression and nurtures lasting loyalty.

Benefits of Our Concept Development

Our Concept Development Services

In product development, disconnected thinking and execution can delay the development processes, drive up costs, and divert attention from competitors and customers. We continually optimize to improve speed to market, reduce inventory, and free up working capital. We take your vision and design and create the best visual and cost effective packaging.

Brand Activation

We put your brand at the heart of our concept development process producing designs that increase brand differentiation and engagement. We keep in mind your core brand values and customers when taking your companies design and vision into production.

Consumers Research

Notice when you are in a retail store you are surrounded by consumer packaged goods. The sights, sounds and colors that vie for your attention are no accident. Our in house team do all the market research to determine which packaging appeals to your target market.

Product Optimisation

We effectively bring new customers using our comprehensive knowledge of supply chain to retail by essentially making changes or adjustments to a packaging to make it more desirable.

Packaging Design

Every day, companies come to us to design, create and print packaging that is focused on engaging the customer. The package excites, protects, informs and stands out. We strategically design around your brand using state of the art methods.

Graphic Design

We bring our high standard of quality and offer additional artwork design services. We create and produce pieces that are designed to grab customers’ attention. Our ideas are limitless.

Structural Design

Our team is constantly keeping up with market trends, and coming up with new inventive and exciting ideas in design. We are not content to keep producing existing designs we constantly try to push the envelope in design.

Functional Engineering

We’re your end-to-end packaging provider delivering quality, consistency and cost-savings that few can match. We keep your company, branding and customers in mind.

Environmental Strategy

Today’s smartest companies make environmental responsibility a top priority—and they expect the same from their suppliers. That’s why we help select materials that are beneficial for both planet and business, in keeping with your overall corporate sustainability initiatives.

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