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Management Systems

Business Excellence Services

  • Increase the operational efficiency of business processes

  • Better Shop Floor Management to support the Safety Culture

  • Support and create a safety culture

  • Improve product quality and productivity by applying the Lean Six Sigma and 5S tools

  • Improve performance on a collaborative team effort

  • Elimination of 7 types of waste & reduce variations

  • Customer satisfaction enhancement and profit maximisation

Quality Management Systems

  • 7 quality principles implementation

  • Systematic process approach and product quality improvement

  • Business compliance and support

  • Risk based thinking and decisions

  • Transparent business analysis

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Attract new customers

Food Safety Management Systems

  • Compliance to local and global food safety regulations

  • Ensure product safety and integrity

  • Internationally a certificate to export

  • Continuous improvement

  • Better control on food safety hazards

  • A framework to win 3rd party certification

  • Attract new customers

Health and Safety Management Systems

  • Compliance to local and global safety regulations

  • Ensure employees health and safety

  • Proactively identifies safety hazards

  • Prevents accidents and incidents and support to quality and productivity

  • Enhance company’s goodwill and Safety Culture

  • Employees satisfaction with better work environment

  • Reduce organisational financial burden

Environmental Management Systems

  • Prevent-reduce-reuse-recover waste

  • Cost reduction

  • Satisfy to Govt agencies

  • Attraction to new clients

  • Improve the competitive advantage globally

  • Global certification opportunity

  • Better Shop Floor Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Improve your brand’s goodwill

  • Retain your employees

  • Social welfare

  • Employees welfare

  • Compliance to local and global social laws

  • Ensure positive impacts on the community

  • Customer satisfaction and attraction to more customers


Packaging domain

  • Packaging industry’s customized Technical trainings enhance employees competency level

  • BRC/IoP Packaging standards trainings enhance packaging industries best practices

  • PEFC/FSC Forest Certification Management Standards Training gives insights to product safety from forest to end user

Food domain

  • Food Safety Level 1-4 deliver to employees the maximum competence level to ensure the sustainable food safety and quality

  • HACCP- Level 1-4 ensure the better understanding about critical control limits (CCPs) of any process of food item

Quality Management

  • In a production-focused business, quality training is extremely important. Quality training refers to familiarising employees with the means of preventing, detecting, and eliminating non quality items, usually in an organisation that produces a product. In a world where quality can set your business apart from competitors, this type of training provides employees with the knowledge to recognise products that are not up to quality standards and teaches them what to do in this scenario.


  • Safety training is a type of training that occurs to ensure employees are protected from injuries caused by work-related accidents. Safety training is especially important for organisations that use chemicals or other types of hazardous materials in their production. Safety training can also include evacuation plans, fire drills, and workplace violence procedures.

Environmental domain

  • Globally the company’s commitment to improving environment impact is increasingly being encouraged, both by legal and regulatory bodies even the customers also needs their suppliers to be on board to achieve the compliance and potential commercial benefits. Environment training needs must be linked to the interests and responsibilities of different levels of staff and also to relevant developments in management procedure.

Social trainings

  • Social systems trainings are become highly important to maintain the your company or Brand’s goodwill locally and globally. The human resources and finance teams really need to be updated with the social laws and trends through trainings.

    SA 8000, ILO-FLA-ETI-SMETTA 4 PILLAR and SEDEX Membership standards trainings must be provided to your relevant staff. It’s a buyers code of conduct requirement as well.

Business Excellence

  • Increase the operational efficiency of your employees

  • These trainings support to maintain the Shop Floor Management

  • Product Quality and Productivity especially the Lean Six Sigma and 5S training can really add value to your business operations

Recruitment Services

Collaborate with our expert Business Service Consultants for assistance in finding talent you need to take your business to the next level. Our team specializes in recruitment of all skill levels – from seasoned professionals to entry level especially for the following industries.

Packaging domain

Petrochemicals-Oil and Gas

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